Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Dorothy Wizard of Oz Costume

Here is a step-by-step guide to creating a Dorothy Wizard of Oz costume:

  1. Obtain a blue and white gingham dress: You can purchase a Dorothy costume from a costume store or online marketplace like Etsy2. Alternatively, you can make your own dress using a pattern from a sewing website like Charm Patterns1.
  2. Find a white blouse: Wear a white blouse underneath the dress to complete the look.
  3. Add white socks and red shoes: Wear white ankle socks and a pair of red shoes to match Dorothy’s outfit.
  4. Style your hair: Dorothy’s hair is styled in two braids. Part your hair down the middle and braid each side.
  5. Accessorize: Add a basket with a stuffed animal dog inside to complete the costume.

If you choose to make your own costume, you can follow a step-by-step tutorial on YouTube3456.

With these simple steps, you’ll be ready to skip down the yellow brick road and have a magical time in your Dorothy Wizard of Oz costume. If you want more detailed instructions and helpful tips, read on in the next section.

Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Dorothy Wizard of Oz Costume

Are you a fan of the classic movie “The Wizard of Oz” and dream of dressing up as the iconic character Dorothy? Creating a Dorothy costume is easier than you might think, and with a little creativity and some basic sewing skills, you can bring this beloved character to life. In this step-by-step guide, we will walk you through the process of making your very own Dorothy Wizard of Oz costume, complete with the signature blue gingham dress, ruby red shoes, and all the little details that make this costume so special.

Choosing the Base Dress

Before you start creating your Dorothy costume, you will need to choose the base dress. Look for a simple dress pattern that matches the style worn by Dorothy in the movie. This typically includes a knee-length dress with puffed sleeves and a fitted waist. Once you have chosen the dress pattern, you can move on to selecting the fabric and color.

Determining the Dress Style

To accurately recreate Dorothy’s dress, look for a pattern that features a button-down bodice and an A-line skirt. This style of dress will capture the essence of Dorothy’s iconic outfit and provide a solid foundation for adding the necessary details.

Selecting the Right Fabric

For the fabric, choose a lightweight cotton or cotton blend in a blue gingham print. This classic print will instantly evoke the image of Dorothy in her well-known dress. Make sure the fabric is comfortable to wear and easy to work with. Avoid fabrics that are too heavy or stiff, as they may not drape well or be as comfortable to wear.

Choosing the Appropriate Color

When selecting the color for your Dorothy dress, opt for a light or pale blue gingham fabric. This shade of blue closely resembles the color of Dorothy’s dress in the movie and will give your costume an authentic look. Avoid darker shades of blue, as they may not accurately capture the essence of the character.

Adding the Details

Now that you have the base dress ready, it’s time to add the signature details that will make your Dorothy costume truly stand out. Focus on creating the puffed sleeves, attaching lace or ruffles, and sewing on decorative buttons.

Creating the Puffed Sleeves

To create the puffed sleeves, gather a piece of matching fabric and cut it into a rectangular shape. Fold the fabric in half lengthwise and sew a seam along the open side, leaving enough space for the arm to fit through. Once the seam is sewn, gather the fabric along the long edge and attach it to the armhole of the dress. This will create the desired puffed sleeve effect.

Attaching Lace or Ruffles

To add a feminine touch to the dress, consider attaching lace or ruffles along the neckline or hemline. Select a lace or ruffle trim that complements the blue gingham fabric and sew it onto the dress. This detail will add depth and texture to the costume, replicating the charming elements of Dorothy’s original attire.

Sewing on Decorative Buttons

The final detail to complete the dress is the addition of decorative buttons. Look for buttons that resemble the ones featured in the movie, like small white buttons with a scalloped edge. Attach these buttons down the front of the dress, following the placement seen in the original costume. This small detail will add authenticity to your Dorothy outfit.

Making the Apron

No Dorothy costume is complete without the signature apron. The apron serves as an important accessory and adds an extra layer to the costume. Creating the apron involves choosing the fabric, measuring and cutting the fabric, and attaching it to the dress.

Choosing the Fabric for the Apron

When selecting fabric for the apron, choose a lightweight cotton or linen fabric in white or a light cream color. The fabric should complement the blue gingham dress and provide a crisp, clean look.

Measuring and Cutting the Fabric

Measure and cut the fabric to the desired size and shape of the apron. Refer to a pattern for apron dimensions and cut accordingly. Ensure the apron is long enough to reach the knees and wide enough to cover the front of the dress.

Attaching the Apron to the Dress

To attach the apron to the dress, fold under and sew a narrow hem along the top edge of the apron. Then, position the apron over the front of the dress and sew it in place, ensuring it is centered and hangs evenly. You may choose to sew the apron directly onto the dress or attach it with buttons or snaps, allowing for easy removal.

Crafting the Red Shoes

To complete the iconic Dorothy look, you will need a pair of ruby red shoes. While finding an exact replica of Dorothy’s shoes may be challenging, you can easily transform a plain pair of shoes into glittery red ones with some simple crafting techniques.

Finding Suitable Shoes

Look for a pair of low-heeled or flat shoes in a basic style, such as Mary Janes or ballet flats. Opt for a neutral color like white or beige, as these will provide a good base for the red glitter.

Painting the Shoes with Red Glitter

Using a paintbrush or sponge brush, apply a thin layer of craft glue all over the shoes. Then, sprinkle fine red glitter over the glue, ensuring the entire shoe surface is covered. Gently tap off any excess glitter and allow the shoes to dry completely. To prevent the glitter from shedding, seal the shoes with a clear varnish or adhesive spray.

Adding Sparkly Bows to the Shoes

To add an extra touch of sparkle to the shoes, attach sparkly bows or ribbon to the front of each shoe. Use craft glue or a hot glue gun to secure the bows in place. Coordinate the color of the bows with the other elements of the costume, such as the apron or hair accessories.

Creating the Basket

A key accessory that completes Dorothy’s look is her picnic basket. Creating a simple and charming basket involves selecting a suitable basket, painting it with brown paint, and attaching a handle.

Selecting a Suitable Basket

Choose a small, woven basket that matches the size and shape of the one seen in the movie. Look for a basket with a handle that can be sewn or glued in place.

Painting the Basket with Brown Paint

Using acrylic or spray paint in a brown color, carefully paint the entire surface of the basket. Allow the paint to dry completely before proceeding to attach the handle.

Attaching a Handle to the Basket

To attach the handle, determine the desired position on each side of the basket and measure the appropriate length. Using a strong adhesive or a heavy-duty needle and thread, secure the handle in place. Make sure it is securely attached and can withstand the weight of the basket.

Styling the Hair

To truly capture Dorothy’s essence, styling your hair is just as important as the costume itself. Whether you choose to wear a wig or use your natural hair, focus on creating Dorothy’s signature braided pigtails and adding bows or ribbons for a finishing touch.

Choosing the Right Wig or Hair Accessories

If you don’t have the same hairstyle as Dorothy, consider using a wig in a similar shade of brown. Alternatively, if you have long hair, you can simply style it into braided pigtails. If using your natural hair, make sure it is clean and well-groomed.

Creating Dorothy’s Signature Braided Pigtails

Divide your hair into two equal sections, parting it down the middle. Take one section and braid it loosely, securing the end with a small elastic band. Repeat the process with the other section. Once both braids are complete, gently tug on the sides of each braid to give it a slightly fuller and more laid-back appearance.

Adding Bows or Ribbons to the Hair

Finish off the hairstyle by tying a small bow or ribbon at the top of each braid. Use a ribbon that matches the color scheme of your costume, such as a thin blue ribbon or a red and white gingham ribbon. Secure the bows in place with bobby pins, ensuring they sit neatly on top of each braid.

Applying Makeup

Applying makeup is the final step in transforming into Dorothy. Keep the makeup simple, natural, and complementary to the character’s youthful appearance.

Creating a Natural Base

Start by applying a light foundation or tinted moisturizer that matches your skin tone. Opt for a natural finish that evens out the complexion and provides a fresh, dewy look.

Emphasizing the Eyes with Mascara and Eyeliner

To make the eyes pop, apply a coat of black mascara to the upper and lower lashes. Make sure to separate the lashes to create a fanned-out effect. Apply a thin line of brown or black eyeliner along the upper lash line to define the eyes without appearing too heavy.

Adding a Touch of Rosy Blush to the Cheeks

To achieve a youthful and rosy-cheeked appearance, lightly dust a pink or peach blush onto the apples of your cheeks. Smile and apply the blush in a circular motion, gradually building up the color to achieve the desired effect.

Accessorizing the Costume

To fully embody Dorothy, pay attention to the small details that will bring the costume to life. Consider wearing blue and white checkered socks or tights, adding a blue gingham hair bow, and carrying a small picnic basket.

Wearing Blue and White Checkered Socks or Tights

Finish off the costume by wearing socks or tights in a blue and white checkered pattern. This detail will perfectly complement the blue gingham dress and create a cohesive look from head to toe.

Adding a Blue Gingham Hair Bow

To complete the hairstyle, tie a blue gingham hair bow around one of the braids. This additional touch will tie in the color scheme and add an extra dose of charm to the overall look.

Carrying a Small Picnic Basket

As you embark on your journey down the yellow brick road, carry a small picnic basket to complete the transformation into Dorothy. Not only will it serve as a practical accessory, but it will also add an authentic touch to the costume.

Trying on the Costume

Once you have completed all the steps outlined above, it’s time to try on your finished Dorothy costume. Ensure that the dress fits properly and flatters your body shape. Check that all accessories, such as the apron, shoes, and basket, are secure and comfortable to wear. Make any necessary adjustments to ensure you are fully satisfied with the overall look.


Congratulations! You have successfully created your very own Dorothy Wizard of Oz costume. By following this step-by-step guide, you have crafted the blue gingham dress, added the necessary details, made the apron, created the ruby red shoes, crafted the basket, styled your hair, applied makeup, accessorized the costume, and confirmed that everything fits perfectly. Now, it’s time to step into the world of Oz, embrace the magic, and bring Dorothy to life with your own unique costume. Enjoy the journey and let your imagination take flight!

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