How To Stitch Saree Falls In Singer Sewing Machine?

Today, we will discuss an important skill for anyone who owns a Singer sewing machine – stitching saree falls. Sarees are a traditional Indian garment that requires special attention when it comes to stitching its falls, which are the narrow borders that prevent the fabric from fraying. By following a few simple steps and utilizing the features of your Singer sewing machine, you can master the art of stitching saree falls and ensure that your saree remains in impeccable condition for years to come. So, let’s explore the step-by-step process and make your sewing experience even more enriching and efficient.

Preparing the Singer Sewing Machine

Checking the machine’s condition

Before starting the process of stitching saree falls, it is crucial to check the condition of your Singer sewing machine. Ensure that the machine is clean and free from any dust or debris. Inspect the needle to make sure it is sharp and not bent. Check the tension settings and make any necessary adjustments. It is also important to check if the bobbin is properly inserted and wound with the appropriate thread.

Selecting the appropriate needle and thread

Choosing the right needle and thread is essential for a successful stitching process. When stitching saree falls, it is recommended to use a needle specifically designed for lightweight fabrics. The needle should be sharp and not dull to prevent any damage to the fabric. As for the thread, opt for a high-quality polyester thread that matches the color of your fabric for a seamless finish.

Threading the machine correctly

Threading the Singer sewing machine correctly is vital to ensure smooth and efficient stitching. Start by raising the presser foot to release the tension on the thread. Take the thread spool and place it on the spool pin. Pull the thread through the thread guide and towards the take-up lever. loop the thread around the tension discs and thread it through the needle’s eye from front to back. Make sure to pull a sufficient length of thread through the needle to allow for easy stitching.

Setting up the machine for stitching

To set up the Singer sewing machine for stitching saree falls, adjust the stitch length according to your preference. For saree falls, a straight stitch is commonly used. Set the stitch length to a medium setting to ensure secure stitching without compromising the fabric’s quality. Also, check the presser foot’s pressure and adjust it accordingly to accommodate the lightweight fabric of saree falls.

Testing the machine before starting

Before proceeding with stitching the saree falls, it is wise to test the machine on a scrap piece of fabric. This will allow you to check the tension, stitch quality, and overall performance of the machine. Use a piece of fabric similar to the saree falls to get accurate results. Adjust any settings if necessary to ensure optimal stitching results.

How To Stitch Saree Falls In Singer Sewing Machine?

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Preparing the Saree and Falls

Choosing the saree and falls

When selecting a saree for stitching falls, it is important to choose one with a fabric that complements the falls. Opt for lightweight sarees such as chiffon, georgette, or silk. Ensure that the color of the saree matches or coordinates well with the falls to create a seamless look.

Trimming and folding the saree

Before attaching the falls, trim the saree to the desired length. It is recommended to leave a margin of at least one inch for hemming purposes. Fold the trimmed edge of the saree to create a neat and even hemline. Pin the hem in place to keep it secure.

Attaching the falls to the saree

To attach the falls to the saree, lay the falls on top of the saree’s border, aligning the edges evenly. Use a few pins to hold the falls in place. Ensure that the position of the falls is symmetrical on both ends of the saree. This will ensure a balanced and well-stitched final result.

Preparing the falls for stitching

Before starting the stitching process, it is important to prepare the falls for stitching. Fold the excess fabric of the falls towards the backside, creating a clean edge. This will prevent any fraying or loose threads during the stitching process. Secure the folded edge with pins to keep it in place.

How To Stitch Saree Falls In Singer Sewing Machine?

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Steps to Stitch Saree Falls in Singer Sewing Machine

Positioning the saree and falls

To start the stitching process, position the saree and falls under the needle of the Singer sewing machine. Ensure that the pinned edges of the falls and saree align with the presser foot. This alignment will guarantee accurate stitching and prevent any fabric distortion during the process.

Securing the saree and falls

To secure the saree and falls, lower the presser foot of the sewing machine. This will hold the fabric firmly in place and prevent it from shifting during stitching. Make sure the machine is set to a straight stitch setting, as this is the most commonly used stitch for attaching falls.

Starting the stitching process

To begin stitching, gently press the foot pedal of the sewing machine. Start stitching from one corner of the falls, slowly following the edge of the falls and saree. Maintain a consistent pace to ensure even stitching. Take care to remove the pins as you approach them to avoid any damage to the needle or machine.

Stitching the saree and fall together

Continue stitching along the entire length of the border, keeping the stitch as close to the edge as possible. Ensure that the stitching is secure and without any loose threads. A straight stitch provides a clean and professional finish when attaching falls to a saree.

Finishing the stitching

Once you have reached the end of the border, secure the stitching by backstitching a few stitches. This will prevent the stitching from unraveling over time. Trim any excess thread and inspect the stitching for any loose ends or uneven sections. Make any necessary adjustments to ensure a flawless finish.

Removing excess thread and cleaning

After stitching the saree falls, remove any excess thread by trimming it close to the stitch line. This will give the final stitched falls a neat appearance. It is also important to clean the sewing machine after use to maintain its performance. Remove any fabric debris, dust, or lint that may have accumulated during the stitching process.

How To Stitch Saree Falls In Singer Sewing Machine?

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Troubleshooting and Tips

Troubleshooting common stitching issues

While stitching saree falls, you may encounter some common stitching issues. If the thread keeps breaking, check the tension and rethread the machine. If the stitches appear loose or uneven, adjust the tension settings accordingly. For skipped stitches, ensure that the needle is inserted correctly and not dull. In case of fabric puckering, try using a stabilizer to provide additional support.

Tips for better results

To achieve better stitching results, it is essential to practice good sewing techniques. Use high-quality materials and threads to ensure durability and longevity. Take your time while stitching and maintain a consistent pace to prevent any errors. Always test the machine and settings on a scrap fabric before working on the actual saree falls.

Taking care of the sewing machine and materials

Proper maintenance of the sewing machine and materials is essential for optimal performance and longevity. Clean the machine regularly, remove lint, and oil the necessary parts as recommended by the manufacturer. Store the sewing machine in a clean and dust-free area. Additionally, handle the saree and falls with care to prevent any snags or tears.

How To Stitch Saree Falls In Singer Sewing Machine?

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To conclude, stitching saree falls using a Singer sewing machine is a straightforward process that requires careful preparation and attention to detail. By following proper steps for machine preparation, selecting the appropriate needle and thread, and setting up the machine correctly, you can achieve a professional-looking final result. Remember to troubleshoot any stitching issues, practice good sewing techniques, and take care of your sewing machine and materials to ensure long-lasting results. With the versatility and reliability of Singer Sewing Machines, you can confidently stitch saree falls and create beautifully embellished sarees.

How To Stitch Saree Falls In Singer Sewing Machine?

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