How To Make Caterpillar Costume With Paper?

Here are the steps to make a caterpillar costume with paper:

  1. Start by making the body of the caterpillar. Cut out 5 large dark green circles and 5 large light green circles from construction paper4.
  2. Glue the circles together in an alternating pattern to create the body of the caterpillar4.
  3. Cut out two small circles from black construction paper for the eyes1.
  4. Cut out two antennae from black pipe cleaners and attach them to the top of the head using glue or tape1.
  5. Cut out six legs from black construction paper and attach them to the bottom of the body using glue or tape3.
  6. Cut out a small red circle from construction paper and attach it to the front of the caterpillar’s head to create the nose1.
  7. To wear the costume, cut out arm and head holes in the body of the caterpillar2.
  8. Wear a green shirt and leggings underneath the costume to complete the look2.

These steps are based on various sources12345.

If you want to learn more about the remaining steps and the finishing touches, continue reading the article to become a pro at making a caterpillar costume with paper!

How To Make Caterpillar Costume With Paper?

Are you looking for a fun and creative costume idea? Why not make your own caterpillar costume using simple materials like cardboard, construction paper, glue, scissors, and markers? Whether it’s for a costume party, Halloween, or just for the fun of it, creating your own caterpillar costume can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience. In this article, we will guide you through the step-by-step process of making a caterpillar costume with paper. So gather your materials and let’s get started!

Materials needed

Before we begin, let’s make sure we have all the necessary materials for this project. You will need the following:

  • Cardboard: This will be used to create the body and head of the caterpillar.
  • Construction paper: Use vibrant colors to add life to your caterpillar costume.
  • Glue: A strong adhesive will ensure that all the elements of your costume stay in place.
  • Scissors: You’ll need a good pair of scissors for cutting out shapes and details.
  • Markers: These will come in handy for adding patterns, spots, and facial features to your caterpillar costume.

Now that we have everything we need, let’s move on to the step-by-step process of making the caterpillar costume.

Step 1: Designing the body

Start by drawing a large oval shape on the cardboard and cut it out. This will serve as the body of your caterpillar. Use your markers to add colorful patterns and designs to the oval. Let your creativity shine as you bring the caterpillar to life!

Step 2: Creating the legs

To create the legs of the caterpillar, cut several long strips of construction paper. Fold each strip accordion-style to create a leg-like shape. Once you have folded all the strips, attach them to the bottom of the oval body using glue. Make sure to evenly distribute the legs to give your caterpillar stability.

Step 3: Making the head

Now it’s time to make the head of the caterpillar. Cut a smaller oval shape from cardboard and decorate it to resemble the head of a caterpillar. Use your markers to draw eyes, a mouth, and antennae. Get creative with the colors and patterns to give your caterpillar its own unique personality. Once the head is complete, attach it to one end of the body using glue.

Step 4: Adding details

To add some extra flair to your caterpillar costume, cut out small circles from construction paper. These circles will represent the caterpillar’s spots. Glue the circles onto the body, spreading them out evenly. Don’t forget to add spots to the head as well. This will give your costume a more realistic and playful look.

Next, use your markers to draw eyes, a mouth, and antennae on the head. These details will bring your caterpillar to life and add personality to your costume.

Step 5: Adding straps

To make your caterpillar costume wearable, you’ll need to add straps. Cut two long strips of construction paper and attach one end of each strip to the top of the body. This will serve as the shoulder straps. Once the straps are securely attached, bring them together and secure the other ends to create a loop. This loop will go over your shoulders, allowing you to wear the costume comfortably.

Step 6: Costume fitting

Now that you have created the caterpillar costume and added the straps, it’s time to try it on! Slide the shoulder straps over your shoulders and adjust them for a comfortable fit. You can fasten the straps together using glue or tape if needed. Make sure the costume is secure and doesn’t slide off your shoulders.

Step 7: Personalize and finalize

To make your caterpillar costume even more special, feel free to add any additional decorations or personal touches. This could include glitter, sequins, feathers, or any other creative ideas you have. Just remember to make sure all the elements are securely attached so that they don’t come off while you’re wearing the costume. Take a moment to review the final appearance of the caterpillar costume and make any necessary adjustments.

Step 8: Enjoy and have fun!

Congratulations! Now that your caterpillar costume is complete, it’s time to wear it proudly and have fun. Participate in costume parties, Halloween events, or simply enjoy playing dress-up with friends and family. Capture memorable moments by taking photos with your caterpillar costume.


Creating a caterpillar costume with paper is a fun and creative activity that anyone can enjoy. With just a few basic materials and simple steps, you can design and make your own unique caterpillar costume. Let your imagination run wild and take pride in your creation. Wear your caterpillar costume proudly, participate in costume parties, and make lasting memories. Enjoy the process and have fun!