How To Make A Frankenstein Costume For A Child?

Here are some steps to make a Frankenstein costume for a child:

  1. Frankenstein Headpiece: Find a small box that will serve as the Frankenstein headpiece. Cut out holes for the eyes and mouth. Paint the box green and add black hair made from yarn or felt4.
  2. Bolts: Cut 4 circles and 2 smaller circles out of a sheet of grey craft foam. Cut 2 thin strips and 2 wide strips from the grey foam. Attach the circles together with the thin strips to create the bolt shape. Attach the bolts to the sides of the headpiece using glue or tape3.
  3. Clothing: Dress the child in a black suit or pants and jacket. Cut out a white shirt shape from felt or fabric and glue it to the front of the jacket. Add patches of green felt or fabric to the jacket to create the appearance of stitches1.
  4. Shoes: Paint a pair of old shoes black and add stitches with white paint or a white paint pen1.
  5. Makeup: Use green face paint to cover the child’s face and neck. Add black circles around the eyes and stitches on the forehead and cheeks using black face paint or eyeliner2.
  6. Accessories: Add a plastic chain around the child’s neck and carry a plastic axe or hammer to complete the look1.

Materials needed

To make a Frankenstein costume for a child, you will need the following materials:

Green fabric

The primary color for Frankenstein’s skin is green, so you will need some green fabric to create the base of the costume.

Black fabric

Black fabric will be used to make the hair and other details on the costume.

White fabric

White fabric will be used to make the shirt collar and other accents.


You will need a pair of scissors to cut the fabric.

Needle and thread

A needle and thread will be necessary for sewing the fabric pieces together.


Elastic will be used to ensure that the costume is easy to wear and stays in place.

Face paint

Face paint is essential for creating Frankenstein’s unique appearance on your child’s face.

Fake bolts

Fake bolts will add an authentic touch to the costume and can be attached to the sides.


To complete the Frankenstein look, your child will need a pair of black shoes to wear with the costume.

Creating the base

The base of the Frankenstein costume will be made out of the green fabric.

Measure the child

First, take measurements of your child’s body to ensure the costume fits correctly.

Cut the green fabric

Using the measurements you took, cut the green fabric into pieces that will fit your child’s body shape.

Sew the fabric together

Using the needle and thread, sew the fabric pieces together to create the base of the costume.

Attach elastic for easy wear

To make the costume comfortable and easy to wear, attach elastic to areas such as the waist or shoulders.

How To Make A Frankenstein Costume For A Child?

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Making the face

The face is one of the most important parts of the Frankenstein costume. Here’s how to create the perfect Frankenstein face for your child:

Apply green face paint

Using non-toxic green face paint, cover your child’s face, neck, and any exposed skin to create Frankenstein’s green complexion.

Draw black stitches on cheeks

Using a black face paint pencil or brush, carefully draw stitches on your child’s cheeks to mimic Frankenstein’s iconic scars.

Add white face paint around eyes

Using white face paint, apply it around your child’s eyes to create the illusion of sunken eye sockets.

Use face paint to create a scar

With a black face paint pencil or brush, create a scar across your child’s forehead to further enhance the Frankenstein look.

Adding the details

To make the Frankenstein costume more authentic, you can add various details to it:

Cut out black fabric for hair

Using black fabric, cut out pieces that resemble Frankenstein’s unruly hair.

Sew or glue hair onto the base

Sew or glue the black fabric hair onto the base of the costume to complete the hairpiece.

Attach fake bolts to the sides

To mimic the bolts on Frankenstein’s neck, attach fake bolts to the sides of the costume using either glue or thread.

Cut out white fabric for shirt collar

Cut white fabric into a collar shape and attach it to the base of the costume to create the appearance of a shirt collar.

How To Make A Frankenstein Costume For A Child?

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Completing the costume

To finish the Frankenstein costume, follow these steps:

Put on black pants

Have your child wear a pair of black pants to match the overall look of the costume.

Wear black shoes

Complete the costume by having your child wear a pair of black shoes.

Put on the completed base

Now, your child can put on the completed base of the costume.

Add any additional accessories

If desired, you can add additional accessories such as a tattered cape or any other details that you think would enhance the Frankenstein look.

Ensuring safety

When creating a Frankenstein costume for your child, it’s important to prioritize their safety:

Use non-toxic face paint

Make sure to use non-toxic face paint that is safe for children’s skin. Test a small area of skin before applying it to the entire face.

Ensure the costume is comfortable

Check that the elastic and fabric used in the costume are comfortable for your child to wear for an extended period.

Avoid sharp or dangerous materials

Avoid using any sharp or dangerous materials that could harm your child while wearing the costume.

How To Make A Frankenstein Costume For A Child?

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Ideas for variations

While the classic Frankenstein costume is always a hit, here are a few ideas to add some personalization:

Add a tattered cape

To create a more dramatic look, you can add a tattered cape made out of black fabric or make it appear ripped for a more authentic Frankenstein appearance.

Use different color fabrics

Instead of using the traditional green fabric, you can experiment with different shades of green to create a unique twist on the costume.

Include additional face paint details

Get creative with the face paint by adding wrinkles, shading, or even more scars to make the Frankenstein look more menacing.

Create a matching costume for a sibling

If you have more than one child, consider creating a matching Frankenstein costume for a sibling to make a fun and coordinated Halloween duo.

Tips and tricks

Here are a few tips and tricks to help you make your child’s Frankenstein costume:

Pre-wash fabrics to avoid shrinkage

Before cutting and sewing the fabric pieces, pre-wash them to prevent any shrinkage that may occur later.

Double-check measurements before cutting

To ensure that the costume fits your child properly, double-check the measurements before cutting the fabric.

Test face paints on a small area of skin

Before applying any face paint to your child’s face, test it on a small area of their skin to make sure there are no adverse reactions.

Plan ahead and give yourself enough time

Creating a Frankenstein costume for your child can be a fun and rewarding project, but it’s important to plan ahead and give yourself enough time to complete it without feeling rushed.

Maintenance and storage

To ensure that your child’s Frankenstein costume lasts for future use, follow these maintenance and storage tips:

Hand-wash or delicate cycle for cleaning

When it comes time to clean the costume, either hand-wash it or use the delicate cycle on your washing machine to avoid any damage.

Store in a cool, dry place

After each use, store the costume in a cool, dry place to prevent any mildew or damage.

Keep away from direct sunlight

Avoid exposing the costume to direct sunlight for prolonged periods, as this can fade the fabric and deteriorate the overall quality.


Creating a Frankenstein costume for a child is a fun and creative project that allows you to customize the experience for your little one. By following these steps and using your imagination, you can create a unique and memorable costume that your child will love. Remember to prioritize safety and comfort while ensuring the costume’s durability for long-lasting enjoyment. So why wait? Gather the materials and get started on making an amazing Frankenstein costume for your child today!

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