How To Make A Cute Pikachu Costume?

Here are some steps to make a cute Pikachu costume:

  1. Materials: You will need yellow fabric, black fabric, red fabric, white fabric, felt, hot glue gun, scissors, and a sewing machine (optional).
  2. Body Suit: You can either buy a yellow body suit or make one by sewing yellow fabric together. If you choose to make one, you can use a yellow hoodie and yellow leggings as a base.
  3. Tail: Cut a long strip of yellow fabric and sew it into a tube shape. Stuff the tube with batting or cotton and sew one end closed. Attach the tail to the back of the body suit using hot glue or by sewing it on.
  4. Ears: Cut out two ear shapes from yellow felt and two smaller ear shapes from black felt. Glue the black ear shapes onto the yellow ear shapes. Attach the ears to the hood of the yellow hoodie using hot glue or by sewing them on.
  5. Cheeks: Cut out two circles from red felt and two smaller circles from white felt. Glue the white circles onto the red circles. Attach the cheeks to the face of the hood using hot glue.
  6. Lightning Bolt: Cut out a lightning bolt shape from black felt. Color most of it yellow except for the very bottom. Attach the lightning bolt to the back of the body suit using hot glue or by sewing it on.

By the end, you’ll have your very own adorable Pikachu costume that will make you the center of attention at any event. Let’s get started, shall we?

Choosing the Materials

Making a cute Pikachu costume can be a fun and creative project that allows you to express your love for the popular Pokémon character. Before diving into the DIY process, it’s important to choose the right materials. Here are some tips to help you get started.

Selecting the Fabric

One of the key elements of a Pikachu costume is the yellow fabric. Look for a high-quality yellow fabric that is soft and comfortable to wear. Fleece or cotton materials are ideal options as they are easy to work with and provide a cozy feel. Consider the thickness of the fabric, as it will determine how warm the costume will be.

In addition to the yellow fabric, you will also need black and red fabric for the details on Pikachu’s ears and tail. It’s important to choose fabrics that are durable and won’t easily fray. Felt or fleece can be good choices for these smaller pieces.

Gathering the Necessary Supplies

Apart from fabrics, you will need a few other supplies to make the Pikachu costume. Some of the essential items include:

  • Sewing machine or needle and thread
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Measuring tape
  • Velcro closures
  • Paint and brushes
  • Buttons and ribbons
  • Filling for padded paws

Having these supplies ready will make the process of creating the costume easier and more enjoyable.

Creating the Base

Now that you have chosen the materials, it’s time to create the base of the Pikachu costume. This involves designing the pattern and cutting and sewing the fabric pieces.

Designing the Pattern

To create a well-fitting costume, it’s important to design a pattern that fits your measurements. Take accurate measurements of your body, particularly the chest, waist, hips, and inseam. Use these measurements as a guide to create a pattern that matches your size.

You can either create a pattern from scratch or find a template online. If you are using a template, adjust it to fit your measurements. Remember to leave some extra room for comfort and movement.

Cutting and Sewing the Fabric Pieces

Once you have the pattern, it’s time to cut the fabric pieces. Lay out the yellow fabric on a flat surface and pin the pattern onto it. Carefully cut along the lines of the pattern, making sure to leave a small seam allowance.

After cutting the fabric pieces, it’s time to sew them together. With the right sides of the fabric facing each other, use a sewing machine or needle and thread to sew the pieces together along the edges. Remember to leave openings for the head, arms, and legs.

How To Make A Cute Pikachu Costume?

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Adding the Details

Now that you have the base of the Pikachu costume ready, it’s time to add the details that will bring the character to life.

Making the Ears

Pikachu is known for its adorable ears, so it’s important to get them just right. Cut out two ear shapes from the black fabric and two smaller ear shapes from the red fabric. Sew the smaller red pieces onto the black ears, leaving a small border of black fabric visible.

Once the ears are ready, attach them to the top of the costume. You can either sew them directly onto the fabric or use a hot glue gun for a temporary attachment.

Attaching the Tail

Another important detail of the Pikachu costume is the tail. Cut out a tail shape from the black fabric and stuff it with filling to give it a three-dimensional shape. Attach the tail to the back of the costume using a needle and thread.

Painting and Coloring

Adding the right colors to your Pikachu costume is crucial to achieve that authentic look. Here are some tips on choosing the right paint and applying it to the costume.

Choosing the Right Paint

When it comes to painting the details on the costume, it’s important to choose paint that is safe to use on fabric. Acrylic paints are a good choice as they provide vibrant colors and are easily washable. Look for paints that are labeled as fabric-friendly.

In addition to yellow, you will need black and red paints to add the stripes on Pikachu’s back and the rosy cheeks.

Applying the Paint to the Costume

Before painting, place a protective layer, such as wax paper or cardboard, underneath the fabric to prevent the paint from bleeding through. Use a small brush and apply the paint in thin layers to avoid clumping.

Start by painting the black stripes on the back of the costume. Then, use a smaller brush to add the round red cheeks on the face. Take your time and be patient to ensure that the paint is applied evenly and neatly.

How To Make A Cute Pikachu Costume?

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Embellishments and Accessories

To add extra flair and personality to your Pikachu costume, consider incorporating embellishments and accessories. Here are a few ideas:

Decorating with Felt Patches

Cut out felt patches in different shapes and colors, such as Pikachu’s lightning bolt-shaped tail or a Poké Ball. Attach the patches to the costume using fabric glue or by sewing them on.

Adding Buttons and Ribbons

Attach colorful buttons down the front of the costume to mimic Pikachu’s buttons on its belly. You can also sew on ribbons or bows to add a feminine touch.

The Face and Features

To truly capture the adorable and iconic face of Pikachu, pay attention to sculpting the face and painting the eyes and cheeks.

Sculpting the Pikachu Face

Using a lightweight clay or papier-mâché, create a mask-like structure that fits comfortably over your own face. Mold the clay or papier-mâché into the shape of Pikachu’s face, including the round cheeks and pointy ears. Allow the structure to dry completely before moving on to the painting step.

Painting the Eyes and Cheeks

Use acrylic paints to bring Pikachu’s eyes and cheeks to life. Paint the eyes with a black outline and a white center, leaving a small oval shape for the iris. Add a touch of black and white paint to create the rounded rosy cheeks.

How To Make A Cute Pikachu Costume?

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Fitting and Adjustments

After completing the costume, it’s important to try it on and make any necessary alterations to ensure a perfect fit.

Trying on the Costume

Put on the costume and check how it fits on your body. Make sure there is enough room for comfortable movement and ensure that the openings for the head, arms, and legs are at the right places.

Making Any Necessary Alterations

If you find that the costume is too loose or too tight in certain areas, make the necessary adjustments. You can use pins to mark where the fabric needs to be taken in or let out. Adjust the seams accordingly and sew them again to achieve the desired fit.

Finishing Touches

To add the final touches to your Pikachu costume, consider adding padded paws and attaching Velcro closures for easy wearing.

Adding Padded Paws

Cut out hand-shaped pieces from yellow fabric and stuff them with filling. Sew them onto the sleeves of the costume to create Pikachu’s signature paws.

Attaching Velcro Closures

To make it easier to take on and off the costume, attach Velcro closures to the back of the costume and the openings for the head, arms, and legs. This will ensure a secure yet easily removable fit.

How To Make A Cute Pikachu Costume?

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Handling and Care

To keep your Pikachu costume in good condition and ready for future wear, it’s important to handle and care for it properly.

Storing the Costume Properly

When not in use, store the Pikachu costume in a cool, dry place to avoid damage. Avoid folding it tightly to prevent creases in the fabric. Hanging it up in a garment bag is a good way to keep it neat and protected.

Cleaning and Maintaining the Pikachu Costume

If the costume gets dirty, spot clean it using a mild detergent or fabric cleaner. Gently scrub the stain with a soft brush or sponge and rinse thoroughly with cold water. Avoid using bleach or harsh chemicals that could damage the fabric. Allow the costume to air dry completely before storing it.


Making a cute Pikachu costume is a labor of love that allows you to create something unique and special. By following the steps outlined above, you can create a costume that captures the essence of everyone’s favorite electric Pokémon. Whether for Halloween, cosplay, or a themed party, your handmade Pikachu costume is sure to bring joy and smiles wherever you go. So put your DIY skills to the test and enjoy the process of bringing this beloved character to life!

How To Make A Cute Pikachu Costume?

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