How To Make A Chewbacca Costume For Toddler?

Here are the steps to make a Chewbacca costume for a toddler:

  1. Purchase the hair to make Chewbacca fur for the entire costume. You will need medium to light brown and dark gray hair. Get enough hair to cover the entire costume5.
  2. Cut jacket pieces according to the size of your toddler. You can use a long sleeve footed onesie as a template4.
  3. Sew the shoulders and arms of the jacket together3.
  4. Sew up the sides of the jacket3.
  5. Add a hoodie to the jacket3.
  6. Add a zipper to the front of the jacket3.
  7. Create a hat/beard using Mongolian faux fur painted with watered down non-toxic acrylic paint4.
  8. Attach the hat/beard to the hoodie of the jacket4.

How To Make A Chewbacca Costume For Toddler?

Creating a homemade costume for your toddler can be a fun and rewarding project. One popular choice is a Chewbacca costume, perfect for little Star Wars fans. In this article, we will guide you through the process of making a Chewbacca costume for your toddler, from gathering the necessary materials to adding the finishing touches. So, let’s get started!

Materials and Supplies

Before we dive into the step-by-step process, let’s gather all the materials and supplies we will need:

Faux fur

Brown fabric

Sewing machine


Needle and thread

Safety pins



Measuring tape


Now that we have everything we need, let’s begin creating the base of the costume.

Creating the Base

The first step is to measure your toddler. Use a measuring tape to determine the required length and width for the costume. Once you have the measurements, transfer them onto the brown fabric using a marker.

Next, carefully cut out the fabric according to the measurements. Be sure to leave room for sewing allowances.

Now, use a sewing machine or needle and thread to sew the fabric together. You can use safety pins to hold the fabric in place before stitching. Leave an opening at the top for the head.

To ensure a snug fit, add elastic to the waist and ankles. Measure the appropriate length of elastic and sew it onto the fabric.

Finally, trim any excess fabric to achieve a clean and precise look for the base of the costume.

Adding the Fur

Now that we have the base, it’s time to add the iconic faux fur that will make your toddler look like Chewbacca.

Start by cutting the faux fur into strips of the desired length. These strips will be sewn onto the base.

Using a sewing machine or needle and thread, carefully sew the fur strips onto the base fabric. Make sure to sew them in the same direction to create a uniform look.

Once the fur is attached, trim any excess fur to achieve a neat appearance.

To complete the costume, create a hood using the remaining faux fur. Sew it onto the back of the costume, ensuring it sits comfortably on your toddler’s head.

Adding Details

Now that we have the basic structure of the costume, it’s time to add some finishing touches.

To recreate Chewbacca’s bandolier, use brown fabric to create a strip that will go across the torso. Sew it in place, making sure it rests comfortably on your toddler’s body.

Next, sew on ammunition bags using the same brown fabric. These bags can be filled with small fabric or foam balls to add depth to the costume.

For additional authenticity, you can add accessories like an armband or a pouch to the costume. Get creative and customize the costume to your toddler’s liking.

Adding Face Features

Now it’s time to bring Chewbacca’s face to life.

To create Chewbacca’s face mask, measure your toddler’s face and cut out a piece of brown fabric accordingly.

Using a sewing machine or needle and thread, sew the mask onto the base fabric, ensuring it covers the upper portion of your toddler’s face.

To add texture and depth, attach small strips of faux fur onto the face mask. This will recreate Chewbacca’s distinctive facial hair.

Finally, add the eyes and nose. You can use buttons, fabric paint, or even felt to create these features. Make sure they are securely attached.

Finishing Touches

We’re almost done! Let’s move on to the finishing touches that will truly make the Chewbacca costume complete.

To make the feet, cut out pieces of brown fabric and sew them together following the shape of your toddler’s feet. Add elastic to keep them in place.

For an extra touch of authenticity, add claws to the feet. You can either sew them using a darker brown fabric or attach pre-made claw shapes.

Once the feet are complete, attach them to the bottom of the costume to give the illusion of Chewbacca’s furry legs.

To finalize the costume, add a tail to the back of the costume using fabric and stuffing. Sew it securely in place.

Trying on and Adjusting

With the costume complete, it’s time to try it on your toddler! Have them put on the costume and make any necessary adjustments for fit and comfort.

Ensure that there are no loose or sharp objects that could pose a safety risk. Double-check all the stitches to make sure they are secure.

Safety Considerations

Safety is a top priority when creating costumes for toddlers. Here are a few safety considerations to keep in mind:

  • Ensure there are no choking hazards. Avoid small parts that could easily detach and become a choking hazard for your child.

  • Avoid any loose or sharp objects. Trim excess fabric and secure all accessories to minimize the risk of injury.

  • Use safe materials and avoid allergens. Make sure the materials used are suitable for toddlers and do not cause any allergic reactions.

Tips and Tricks

To make your Chewbacca costume-making experience even smoother, here are a few tips and tricks:

  • Utilize online tutorials and resources. There are many tutorials available online that provide step-by-step instructions and visual aids.

  • Take accurate measurements. Measure your toddler accurately to ensure the costume fits properly.

  • Use proper sewing techniques. If you’re new to sewing, be sure to learn the basics and practice before starting the project.

  • Experiment with different materials. Don’t be afraid to try different types of faux fur or fabrics to achieve the desired look for your toddler’s costume.


By following these steps, you can create an adorable Chewbacca costume for your toddler. Remember to prioritize safety and comfort throughout the process. Your little one will be ready for an adventure in a galaxy far, far away! Enjoy the process and have fun! May the Force be with you!

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