DIY Horse Costume for Two People

Now, let’s dive into the details of making this fabulous 2-person horse costume. First, you’ll need a few key materials such as brown fabric, a sewing machine, scissors, and black and white felt pieces for the eyes and ears.

To start, measure and cut two rectangular pieces of brown fabric to create the body of the horse. Sew the two pieces of fabric together, leaving an opening at the top for your heads. Next, cut out two horse ear shapes from the brown fabric and sew them onto the top of a brown headband. Attach the black felt pieces for the eyes and the white felt pieces for the inner ears.

Voila! You have your horse headpiece. To complete the costume, you and your partner can wear brown pants or leggings and brown shirts, and use some additional fabric to create horse tails that you can tie to your pants. This DIY horse costume will surely turn heads and bring lots of fun and laughter to your next costume party or event. Find the complete instructions and additional tips in our article, and let’s get ready to trot in style!

Materials Needed

To make a DIY horse costume for two people, you will need the following materials:

  • Brown fabric
  • Scissors
  • Needle and thread
  • Hot glue gun
  • Elastic bands

Step 1: Measure and Cut the Fabric

The first step in making a 2-person horse costume is to measure and cut the fabric. Begin by measuring the length from your waist to the ground. Double this measurement and add 6 inches for seam allowance. Once you have the measurement, cut two rectangular pieces of brown fabric according to this measurement.

Step 2: Sew the Fabric Pieces Together

Next, you will sew the fabric pieces together to create the base of the costume. Place the fabric pieces together, right sides facing, and use a needle and thread to sew along the sides, leaving the top and bottom open. This will create a large fabric tube that will serve as the body of the horse costume.

Step 3: Create Arm and Leg Holes

After sewing the fabric pieces together, it’s time to create arm and leg holes. Try on the costume and mark the desired locations for the arm and leg holes. Once marked, use scissors to cut out the holes. Take care to cut them to the appropriate size for easy movement and comfort.

Step 4: Attach Elastic Bands for Securing

To ensure that the horse costume stays in place while you and your partner are wearing it, you will need to attach elastic bands for securing. Cut four pieces of elastic band and then sew or glue two pieces of elastic bands on the inside of the costume near each armhole. Repeat the process for the leg holes. The elastic bands will provide a snug fit and keep the costume securely in place.

Step 5: Add Details to the Costume

Now that the basic structure of the costume is complete, it’s time to add some details to make it truly resemble a horse. Cut out additional fabric pieces for the mane, tail, and hooves. Attach the mane to the top of the costume using glue or stitches. Attach the tail to the back of the costume using glue or stitches as well. Finally, attach fabric hoof cutouts to the bottom of each leg using glue or stitches. These details will give your horse costume a more authentic and impressive look.

Step 6: Personalize the Costume

To make the horse costume unique and personalized, consider adding your own touches. Use fabric paint or markers to add stripes or spots to the costume for a more realistic look. You can also add other decorative elements such as bows or flowers. Get creative and make the costume reflect your personality and style.

Step 7: Put on the Costume

Once the costume is complete, it’s time to put it on. To do this, have your partner put their legs through the leg holes first. Then, both of you should put your arms through the arm holes. Adjust the elastic bands for a comfortable fit, ensuring that the costume fits snugly without being too tight. Take the time to adjust the costume properly so that you can move and walk comfortably with your partner.

Step 8: Practice Moving and Walking Together

Before wearing the costume for an event or performance, it’s essential to practice moving and walking together. Walking around together and practicing coordinating your movements will help you appear more like a horse and enhance the overall effect of the costume. Take some time to get comfortable with the costume and familiarize yourselves with its limitations and possibilities.


In conclusion, creating a DIY horse costume for two people can be a fun and creative project. With a few simple materials and some crafting skills, you can make a unique and impressive costume that will surely turn heads. Remember to personalize and add details to make it your own. Enjoy the experience of embodying a majestic horse together with your partner.

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