Judith Clark —

Costume Gallery

1997 – 2003

Judith Clark Costume Gallery was established at 112 Talbot Road in 1997, the first non-profit experimental space dedicated to exhibiting dress. 21 exhibitions were staged over 5 years. Clark collaborated with designers and commissioned conceptual fashion as well as curating and designing themed shows that were responsive to fashion trends.

Each exhibition was accompanied by a leaflet or catalogue and a seminar held in the gallery bringing together designers, jorurnalists, academics and curators who supported the gallery.

Contributors/Collaborators included: Rebecca Arnold, Christopher Breward, Caroline Evans, Hussein Chalayan, Naomi Filmer, Simon Thorogood, Dai Rees, Delia Cancela, Grace Coddington, Orazio Goni, Silvia Gaspardo Moro, Mat Collishaw, Jennifer Higgie, Adelle Lutz, Charlie Smith, Harold Koda, Martin Kamer amongst others.