Dai Rees

4 – 27 October 2006
Galería Tomás Chávez Morado

7 December 2006 – 11 February 2007
Museo Experimental El Eco

The exhibition showcased Dai Rees’s research project titled ‘Patronage, Artisan, Media and Audience: A Model for the Twenty- First Century Craftmanship’ in collaboration with Simon Munro, the exhibition showed an installation of abstract, figurative, structural casings created from inlayed leather-hide.

Researching marquetry, illumination and the Intaglio process of acid etching from the sixteenth century, the suspended sculptural skins identified links between historical and contemporary techniques. Inlayed materials transformed the surface of the leather hide, complementing the developed techniques for the moulding, manipulation and construction of the pieces, thus combining the technical skills from different craft and manufacturing fields to create new aesthetic qualities.