Anna Piaggi:


2 February – 23 April 2006
Victoria & Albert Museum, London

This exhibition drew mainly on objects borrowed from Piaggi’s personal archive.

The exhibition was divided into thirteen statements, sometimes only the size of a text panel, sometimes a room full of objects. The layout was a series of intersecting As and upside down As which became Vs: Anna and Vogue, Anna and Vern (Lambert), Anna and Alfa (Castaldi), the V&A, which Clark transposed onto the plan of the exhibition layout.

Celebrating Piaggi’s love of fashion illustration, it also showcased drawings by Karl Lagerfeld, spreads for Vanity magazine by Antonio Lopez, and a specially commissioned 3D tableau by Richard Gray. Together with Piaggi, Luca Stoppini created a new ‘double page spread’ especially for the exhibition.

Exhibition graphics: Charlie Smith Design

Further reading: Fashion Theory, Volume 10, Special Vogue Edition, 2006