Carnaby Street


‘Carnaby Street: 1960 – 2010’ celebrates the 50th anniversary of London’s most iconic street, drawing on a wealth of photographs, archival exhibits and facts to document the history of one street that has been so influential in shaping British style and music.

The vibrancy and variety of the images record Carnaby’s exciting sartorial past from the 16th Century through to the style tribes of the Mods, Goths, Rockers and Punks to the international shopping destination and creative hub for trend innovation and modern style it is known as today.

‘Carnaby Street: 1960- 2010’ is divided into 6 intriguing themes; Time, Place, Death, Life, Style and Sound, putting into context the history of Carnaby from its earliest origins in the 16th Century to the present day with a focus on the 1960s.  Images are featured by acclaimed 1960s photographer Philip Townsend and exclusive interviews with people who have lived and worked in Carnaby including The Who’s Pete Townshend.